Monday, January 19, 2009

what do you want from your marriage?

Well, it's that time again. Time for couples night. Time to plan and study and get excited. I love couple's nights at our church. Stuart and I seem to learn new things about each other everytime and while its alot of work, it is also alot of fun.
We play games, have teaching and EAT! What more could you ask for?

The Lord has given us the ministry of helping other couples and while we don't always get it right in our own relationship, we keep working at it. We share with others what we have learned works or doesn't work for us. It always seems that the devil attacks us harder during this time as well. We have to be in fervent prayer in order to fight him off and keep him from destroying everything and keeping others and us from the blessings of this night.

As I sit and research what to make the theme of the night, I thought that maybe I could poll others and see what kinds of things that they seem to encounter in their marriages and what they would like to know more about to help enrich their marriage. So I ask for input from other bloggers to help us know what couples are looking for. So if you would be so kind as to post your thoughts I would appreciate it.

Thank you so much,
In Christ


  1. Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for visiting me over at The Point. I think one of the biggest issues in our marriage is control. I am a controller (no surprise to you and others who know me). I think many couples struggle with control issues and really we just need to turn loose and let the Lord be the controller. How hard that is!!


  2. Tracy,

    Couples night sounds like so much fun! I have been married so long that sometimes it seems like we just take each other for granted. Maybe that would be a good theme.



  3. Hey Tracy,

    I added you to my blogs to read on my blog.