Thursday, January 29, 2009

My baby isn't a baby anymore

Today I took my children to the dentist. It seems like a weird place to realize your babies aren't babies anymore but well, that's where I had the huge epiphany.

My oldest was lying in the chair and they are telling her how many teeth she has left to come in and it hit me, she isn't that little girl anymore that used to run around half naked and didn't care. Now she is so modest that she stays completely covered at all times (I'm not complaining) She can't just crawl up in my lap anymore and snuggle up to me and fall asleep. She tries sometimes but since she's taller than me.... well you do the math.

I have other children younger than her and bless her heart she seems to be the guinea pig to my trial and error that helps me to know what to do or not do with the other 2.

As I look back on her 12 short years, I remember all the things that have been such a blessing to me, like her first step, her first word (it wasn't momma), her first boo-boo, first disagreement with a friend, first ballgame, the list goes on and on. I miss having that little girl but I am so thankful to get to be here to watch her grow from that little baby to the young lady she is becoming. It helps me to realize how much the Lord loves me. To feel that I and my husband are worthy of these children. I cannot imagine my life without them. Trust me, they drive me absolutely bonkers at times but just the same they can bring up a since of pride and love unimaginable in me.

So while I miss the days gone by, I am so looking forward to the milestones ahead, the good and the bad. I can't wait to see what direction the Lord takes my girls and I pray that the things we instill in them are enough and that they make good decisions. I know they will hit many bumps in the road but I will always be here to pick them up no matter how grown up they are. Isn't that what Mommies are for?

Monday, January 19, 2009

what do you want from your marriage?

Well, it's that time again. Time for couples night. Time to plan and study and get excited. I love couple's nights at our church. Stuart and I seem to learn new things about each other everytime and while its alot of work, it is also alot of fun.
We play games, have teaching and EAT! What more could you ask for?

The Lord has given us the ministry of helping other couples and while we don't always get it right in our own relationship, we keep working at it. We share with others what we have learned works or doesn't work for us. It always seems that the devil attacks us harder during this time as well. We have to be in fervent prayer in order to fight him off and keep him from destroying everything and keeping others and us from the blessings of this night.

As I sit and research what to make the theme of the night, I thought that maybe I could poll others and see what kinds of things that they seem to encounter in their marriages and what they would like to know more about to help enrich their marriage. So I ask for input from other bloggers to help us know what couples are looking for. So if you would be so kind as to post your thoughts I would appreciate it.

Thank you so much,
In Christ

Sunday, January 11, 2009

God is on my side

I am really not sure what to blog tonight. I have started many different topics but have erased them all. The thing I keep coming back to is that I am blessed. Even in the midst of all my family is going through right now, I am blessed.

This morning in Sunday school I taught on Joseph and all he endured, from the hatred of his brothers, to slavery, to false accusations, to being jailed. Yet through it all he held steadfast to the Lord. Boy, I thought I had it bad! Even while Joseph was in the pit the Lord was working his plan and how Joseph would be a great man who would play an important part in many people's lives.

This story reinforced several things with me. One being, that there is always someone in worse shape than I am. Two, God is always on my side. But most importantly, God's plan is not my own and He will get glory out of even our darkest and deepest pits! No matter how low we go all we have to do is look up to find hope. I know that at times it is hard to find the good in a bad situation and truly you may not see it for many years, but I promise it will be there.

While I have not endured the exact same things that Joseph endured, I do endure my time in the pit. Satan would have me stay there continuously, but that is not where the Lord wants me, or any of us for that matter. So I am thankful that even when I stomp my foot and say "Why me Lord, Why do I have to do this again?" (apparently I didn't figure it out the first, second or third time I had to go through it), that He still reaches down and pulls me out. I too often forget to hold steadfast to Him and know that He is working for my good.

So as I write this I realize I need to take my own advice and look up and find hope. I know it's there and all I have to do is reach up and grab it. So as I close to pray, I encourage you that if you feel low and like there is no hope, do the same, fall on your knees and cry out to Jesus. Nothing is impossible for the Lord.

Remain steadfast in the Lord, and remember He is always on your side and working for your good.

Holding steadfast in the Lord,